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Why You Should Discover Little Sweden in Lindsborg, Kansas  

Posted on 05 Feb, 2024 at 01:21 am - by

As you explore Little Sweden, Lindsborg Kansas, don’t be shocked when people greet you with “Valkommen till Lindsborg,” that’s just their way of welcoming you. Situated at a distance of an hour northward of Wichita on Interstate 35, this city proudly boasts the Scandinavian heritage. There is a diverse array of things to do in Lindsborg KS, from exciting attractions to delish food delights, marvelous architecture, and other interesting activities, catering to all tastes. Here are some reasons why you should add this city to your bucket list!


The Dala Horse Sculptures  

As you step downtown you will be immediately enveloped by the serenity of a multitude of horse sculptures commonly known as dalas all around stores and restaurants. The dala horses symbolize the central province, ultimately representing the national symbol of Sweden itself. What’s even more interesting is the names these horses hold, one that is covered in dollar bills is known as Dolla Dala, whilst the other showcases fags, grapes, and characters of both Swedish and American nations. If you are interested in buying souvenirs of these sculptures, then head to Hemslojd Swedish Gifts, and buy Dalas that can also be customized according to your preferences. These hand-crafted wooden pieces in all shapes and sizes are carefully produced, hand-painted, and finally calligraphed with a personalized message or name in a tiny workshop located in the store. The store also sells gnomes, ornaments, crystals, and baseballs, which again can be customized.  


Vibrant Art Scene  

Little Sweden Lindsborg Kansas stands as a testament to pay tribute to two legendary artists, who proclaimed the warm town their home. Located on the campus grounds is The Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery which narrates the tales of the great artist Birger Sandzen portrayed through his exquisite artwork, which mainly revolves around the Swedish who traveled to the States to pursue teaching. The reason why his work is portrayed at the college is due to the hard work he put into teaching there and the studio he owned. There’s more to Bethany College, as it is home to a variety of exquisite sculptures, which are widespread around the place showcasing skill and passion. Not to mention another legend Lester Raymer who produced a diverse array of creativity from paintings to woodcarvings, sculptures, and much more. What’s unique about him is that he handmade toys for his wife each Christmas that are also displayed for people to see at the Red Barn Studio.   


The Great Outdoors  

Gear up in your comfortable outfit and embark on the 2.5-mile Valkommen Trail just touching Bethany College to the outskirts of the town, suitable if you are looking for jogging or running trails. Visit the converted railroad line, which extends to the McPherson County Old Mill Museum nestled in the Smoky Hill River, showcasing history that seamlessly blends with panoramic vistas. Along the path, you can view historical markers, that outline the significant events and buildings. One of the things to do in Lindsborg Kansas is to visit the mill, which envelops one in its serene ambiance and allows you to explore its explicit trails. Around the locality, you can find the Heritage Square, a living breathing testament to the ancient times of Lindsborg in the form of a historic museum. Stroll through Coronado Heights, situated a drive of 10 minutes from the town. This castle building is made of stone overlook, which was constructed during the time of the Great Depression.   


Dining Options  

The list of things to do in Lindsborg KS is quite incomplete without mentioning the extensive options of dining opportunities. You will be exposed to choices ranging from a world-renowned bar and grill to a classic Swedish fare. Initiate your food trip at the Ol Stuga, which even though at first glance seems like a typical bar, provides more than just that. As soon as you step in, a warm cozy ambiance envelops you and you’ll be surprised to know that a well-known Russian leader once dined here. Their iconic Brent Nelson sandwich, named after a local cook who wanted to spice things up with an odd combo, combined Polish sausage laid on a hoagie sprinkled with onions, cheddar, and hot pepper cheese, which was displayed as the finalist in Good Morning America’s search in the category of the best sandwich in America. If your eyelids are droopy then head to Blacksmith Coffee Roastery, to get a shot of caffeine and instantly reenergize yourself. The place also offers a vast lunch menu which includes a variety of sandwiches and soups. Just at the far corner of downtown, you’ll spot the White Peacock, a restaurant with a comfortable environment, featuring a cozy lounge area dominated by a range of books.


Make it a Getaway – Book your Stay at Viking Motel Lindsborg  

After all the outings and visits to Lindsborg Kansas shops and attractions, you for sure will be searching for a place to relax in that case, look no further than the Viking Motel. The property offers a vast range of amenities like complimentary internet access, a 24-hour front desk, and explicit room service. All rooms have an air-conditioned environment coupled with necessities such as a desk, private bathrooms, flat screen television, bed linen, towels, and a microwave. Moreover, the Municipal Airport is just 15 miles from this motel.   

To conclude, there are multiple things to do in Lindsborg KS that are sure to be loved by every traveler with varied preferences. Whether you are traveling for leisure, or work or are on a family trip, the attractions of Little Sweden will blow you away. Take a break from the monotonous hustle and bustle of life and head to this cute town full of heritage, culture, and enjoyment opportunities.  

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