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Attractions in Lindsborg, KS | Historical Sites & Restaurants. 

Posted on 05 Feb, 2024 at 06:27 pm - by

Every aspect of Swedish origins you're in search of can be found within this enchanting tiny city nestled in McPherson County, Lindsborg KS. This beautiful city is the fifth-most popular small yet hospitable community in the United States, with fewer than 4000 residents. The city could be of small size, but there is no shortage of Lindsborg KS attractions, as you’ll be exposed to unique goods, alluring Swedish culture, and lovely scenic sites that are incomparable, here’s your guide to make the most of your trip!


Prairie Trail 

Top of the list of Lindsborg KS things to do is the Prairie Trail where you can trace the footsteps of the native population that once resided there, the adventurers, and the missionaries who journeyed along the Prairie Trail Scenic Byway in search of sustenance, housing, thrills, and better conditions for themselves. Further massive groups of bison inhabited the picturesque Flint Hills, along with the nineteenth-century cowboys which herded livestock across the Chisholm Trail, whilst the first-generation merchants journeyed to New Mexico via the adjoining Santa Fe Trail. In the early 1540s Francisco Coronado is thought to have examined the surrounding area near Coronado Heights, which is located exactly north of the Byway. Zebulon Pike and "Buffalo Bill" Cody were two more notable guests who visited this place. Moreover, immigrants from different countries, such as Sweden settled in the region and created communities that paid tribute to their origins and customs.  


Swedish delights 

Visiting Lindsborg KS attractions without tasting Swedish delights is quite impossible. You’ll be raging hungry after traveling through the scenic byways, viewing the Dala horses, and touring the exquisite museums. In that case, heading to the diverse array of restaurants in Lindsborg will satiate your rumbling stomach. Munch on pizza Lindsborg KS or dive into a heaven of churned ice cream available at Indigo Moo’d, a family-run business serving homemade ice cream. Enjoy a myriad of ice cream flavors ranging from raspberry to honey lavender, all the way to death by chocolate. If you are craving a beverage then head to Öl Stuga where you can immerse yourself in glasses of delicious tap beer. Make sure to try out their iconic sandwiches, especially the Brent Nelson sandwich. Make your own combo on a submarine bun, with toppings like sausage, delish tempting cheese, mind-boggling hot pepper, onions, and mouthwatering BBQ sauce. Crown and Rye serves several delicious Swedish menu items that await your presence, but the top three are potato sausages, cabbage rolls with minced lamb, and Swedish meatballs.


Coronado Heights 

One of the best things to do in Lindsborg is to head to the southern point nestled within the Smoky Hills, a group of seven bluffs, the Coronado Heights. The heights are situated northwest of Lindsborg and provide an observation point, which is situated 300 feet above the floor of the valley. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado and his troops are said to have had a view over the grassy terrain as well. J.A. Udden, an exceptional professor at Bethany College, discovered the chain mail from Spanish weapons in the locality in 1915, and furthermore, in the foothills, other people have discovered lead bars, a harness, and Spanish coins. Among the vegetation that you will come across here are gooseberry fruits, sandhill plum, spiderwort, yucca, sumac, and butterfly milkweed. If luck is on your side, you may have the opportunity to spot a few lizards. Moreover, the palace and vacation grounds were constructed in 1936 as a Works Progress Administration project using native Dakota sandstone, making it the ideal place for an outdoor meal, kite flying, trekking, or outdoor biking. Make sure you bring your phone camera, as this place provides you with more than just artistic inspiration with its exquisite surroundings easily becoming the favorite spot of illustrators, artists, and photographers. Embark on a journey through downtown Lindsborg, where upon turning west on Lincoln at the crossroads of Main and Lincoln, you’ll head two miles north or straight right onto Coronado Ave. Then drive along one mile to the Coronado Heights entrance after turning left or west onto Coronado Heights Road. Trace the path to the mountain, where you’ll come across numerous gorgeous panoramas up there. A carefully chosen selection of Kansas' most awe-inspiring picturesque vantage locations makes up the breathtaking View Badge, where you can locate the complete assortment if you're hunting for more fantastic locations for photographs. 


Lindsborg Old Mill & Swedish Heritage Museum 

Twelve distinctive structures house an array of exhibitions that highlight innovators' experiences from the 1870s to the 1980s. Discover how grain was manufactured from Kansas wheat by touring a unique, completely renovated 1898 bread mill.  Discover the Swedish Pavilion, constructed for the World's Fair that took place in St. Louis in 1904, designed in the Swedish country's grand home design. See the Bethany Academy and the one-room school built in 1903 in West Kentucky to get a glimpse into the past. Visit the Union Pacific Depot and the adjoining engines to discover more about traveling in 1979. To get a better understanding of prehistoric urban life, stop by a livery, a bank, and a common store. See how farming is done with a range of machinery and tools, such as a Yellow Kid threshing machine and a Rumley oil-pull tractor. See how locals shaped society at the Erickson Workshop, Sweadal, the first county courthouse. See the Erickson-invented innovation that aided in the development of the mobile dial, there’s so much that you can explore here!


Birger Sandzén Memorial Art Gallery 

Head to one of the best things to do in Lindsborg, which undoubtedly is the Birger Sandzén Memorial Art Gallery, calling all the artists and museum enthusiasts. Birger Sandzén's paintings are the main attraction at the gallery which is home to the world's biggest and most comprehensive library of his watercolor paintings, illustrations, prints, and other paintings. The gallery's collection showcases the works of a diverse group of artists, including Lester Raymer, John Bashor, B.J.O. Nordfelt, Marsden Hartley, Carl Milles, Doel Reed, Raymond Jonson, and John Stuart Curry.

Along with a wide range of Asian art, the exhibition space boasts a fine selection of pictures by regionalist printmakers from Europe and America as well. Furthermore, the Museum's Gallery hosts celebrations, music events, group guided tours, and displays of artwork by both local and internationally renowned artists, making it the perfect place for everyone to enjoy. 


Broadway RFD 

The Broadway RFD opened its doors to the public in early 1959, commonly known as the earliest operating outdoor theater in Kansas. Broadway RFD, based in Lindsborg, Kansas, not only aims to allow residents to get lost in artistic endeavors every season throughout the year but also enables visitors to vibe in the bustling summertime outdoor concert shows.

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